Bible Verse Desktop
Vladimir Rybant
With this little and free program, you can have a Bible quote appearing on your desktop...
Many people has the habit of reading a portion of the Bible daily or even several times a day. This...
The Word
C. Stergiou
The Word is a very comprehensive Bible reading and studying program. It has many built-in...
The Word is a very comprehensive Bible reading and studying program. It has many built-in modules of...
Egyptian Ball
EleFun Games
Travel in time to the remote, sparse past of Acient Egypt when it was once ruled by powerful Pharoahs. Enter into the brutal...
...brutal war of the gods and take charge with...
Pantheon is a puzzle game in which you travel through different locations in India. Generally, you must...
Pantheon is a puzzle game in which you travel through different locations in India. As you progre...
Jade Dynasty
Perfect World Entertainment, Inc.
Jade Dynasty is an online game developed by Perfect World Entertainment...
...believed to be demi-gods. If you are playing...
Coyote's Tale - Fire and Water
GoGames LLC & Merscom LLC
Challenge the Aztec gods and collect hidden items in attempts to stop the world from falling...
Challenge the Aztec gods and collect hidden ...game. Mischievous Aztec gods of Mexico strive to...
Search Gurbani
Search Gurbani Desktop Version (SGDV) brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore...
...experience the word of God. We have the Sri...
Goodbye New World
Nick Harker
Goodbye New World is an experimental UDK Horror game inspired by minecraft. The game follows...
...as if they were gods. They had shaped the ...impossible had been done, a god itself had died. But...
Forsaken World
Perfect World Entertainment, Inc.
Forsaken World is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Eyrda. Play this game and learn about...
...and fall of the gods Dyos and Nyos, and...
PJ Software
Software that shows a different Bible quote at startup and/or exit every day. You can...
...to the Word of God. The program is customizable...
Labyrinths Of The World: Secrets Of Easter Island Collector's Edition
Domini Games
Secrets Of Easter Island is a game in the "Labyrinths of the World" series of hidden-object...
...attacked by an ancient god and their stone statues...
Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls
Digital Quarter
Mystery Age: Liberation of Souls is a game in which the treacherous god of chaos has fled to the east, conquering...
...in which the treacherous god of chaos has fled ...must defeat the Chaos God once and for all...
Verses For Life
Heavenly Software
Verses For Life is a software program designed to help you learn and memorize the Word of God. It comes...
...memorize the Word of God. It comes with verses...
NyxQuest - Kindred Spirits
Over the Top Games
Experience with NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits the awesome story of Nyx, an enigmatic winged girl, that must descend...
...Zeus and other benevolent Gods from Olympus to summon...
Mystery Age - The Dark Priests
System requirements: Windows Vista, Windows XP - 1 GHz processor speed - 512 MB RAM - 218 Mb HD Space - 256...
...their master, the Chaos God! Scour hidden object scenes...
American Flag Screen Saver
Acez Software LLC
With American Flag Screensaver you can proudly display the flag on the computer screens...
...or white background - Displays "God Bless America!" in background...
Zentrum Publishing
Awareness E-book is a complete adaptation of the original paperback "Awareness - The Center of Being" by Zentrum Publishing...
...for the Existence of God.
Spring with Bible Verses Scenic Reflections
Scenic Reflections
This screensaver features Bible quotes, both from the New and Old Testaments, right in your desktop. It also...
...bringing the Word of God right to your desktop...
Bible Puzzle Pro
Bob Thompson
This program is an attempt to put the Bible within children's reach...
Although the Bible is full of wisdom and teachings, it is a difficult book to learn, especially for...
Truth in Science Counts
Dale Miller / TruthCounts
Create your Custom Business Card or full size CD's that share the Gospel of Jesus. Dustan Soul Adventures...
...believe today with what God tell us in the ...to a clear understanding of Gods Plan of Salvation for...
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